“Flip Your Classroom” and become a Guide on the Side

We’ve heard about the benefits of “differentiating the lessons” and “personalizing and individualizing” the classwork.

We’ve heard about engaging the students.  

There’s a delightful expression:  “Flip Your Classroom!”   A professor in North Carolina has popularized this concept.   

The “Flip Your Classroom” workshop can be tailored to a half-hour interactive Q and A session, followed by one-on-one weekly email and telephone interactions with teachers.

Are you a principal?

Are you a teacher?

Are you a parent who wants to see new techniques brought into your school?

This workshop is in its “field-testing” stage and for a limited time you can have this program brought to you by internet (Skype) or in person (anywhere in Florida in May and June 2012;  Massachusetts and Connecticut from 28 to 31 August 2012; limited additional field testing in France and Italy from 13 to 28 September 2012).

Call +1 954 646 8246.   The workshop’s format is flexible:

1.  FLEXIBLE GROUP SIZE:  I can interact with up to 20 participants.

2. COMPUTERS:  It will help if we have access to computers and internet, but it is not necessary.  

3.  MATERIALS:  Free ebooks and youtube videos.

4.  PREPARATION TIME:  Flexible.  I’ll work with your participants.  If they have no time before the workshop, we can quickly bring participants up to speed.

5.  TIME OF DAY:  Flexible.

6.  NUMBER OF MINUTES:  The basic information is delivered either before the workshop (via youtube or email) or in the workshop (15 minutes for the basic information).

7.  FORMAT of the WORKSHOP:  Highly interactive.  15 minutes of pre-workshop prep is helpful, usually at least one day ahead, including a short email exchange with participants.  Information is presented in module of 3 to 5 minutes followed by interaction between participants to transfer the information to long-term memory.  Stretching breaks are every 20 minutes and small group work is emphasized over a fully-guided presentation.

8.  FOLLOWUP:  Here’s the “Guide on the Side” guarantee:  We know that infomration takes multiple explosures to transfer from working memory to long-term memory.  We recommend a 2-7-30-90 followup.

Within 2 days:   short email exchange with each participant. 

7 days:  email or telephone call to check about applying the techniques

30 days:  optional video visit” where the participant makes a few photos of the changes made in the classroom (with feedback from the workshop presenter)

90 days:  optional email or phone call review.  What additional techniques can be added or reinforced?

If you would like to have this innovative program in your school, call +1 954 646 8246

The workshop is based on the book:  Let’s Lecture Less by Steve McCrea

Other workshops available:   “How to Start Using Digital Portfolios”


Description of the Let’s Lecture Less book:

How do we become “guides on the side”? The purpose of this book is to: a) Give you quotes to stimulate your thoughts, b) Attract like-minded people together through the Internet, c) Introduce you to GuideOnTheSide.com and d) Transform schools. There are videos to support the message of the book. Find them at youtube.com/VisualAndActive and youtube.com/aguideontheside. This is a non-profit effort. Any money made by selling the book will be put back into donations of the book. This book was printed through Lulu.com and the price was selected to raise 50 cents per book, enough to cover the cost of buying two trees (a donation to http://www.TreesForTheFuture.org, also called http://www.Plant-Trees.org). Click on the links in the list of websites and sign up for interesting materials. Give this book (send the ebook) to friends, teachers, students and directors of schools. You can be part of the transformation.


About theguideontheside

Are you looking for techniques to "flip the classroom"? Have you heard about Richard E. Clark's writings about the difference between fully guided instruction and Guided Experiential Learning? I also offer a free BIBPenpal training session to bring Skype and international students into your classes virtually. Contact me at TheGuideontheSide@gmail.com www.GuideontheSide.com and you can see videos at www.Youtube.com/AGuideOntheSide +1 954 646 8246
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